Sandycoates – Black Sleep (2014)

1. Black Sleep
2. Eye of the Beholder
3. Sitting in the Dark
4. Blind Spot
5. Polaroid
6. I Can't Touch
7. The Movie
8. Moving
9. Find My Way
10. Confetti
11. Snowpark
12. Dock and Vervain
13. A Lover's Discourse

All songs written by Greg Moore except “Dock and Vervain” (Trinie Dalton and Greg Moore).
Performed by Greg Moore and Paul K.
Produced by Velvet Mornings.
Joe Haener- drums on “Snowpark”.
Yea-Ming Chen- vocals on “Dock and Vervain”.
Photo of Jack Willis Schwartz by Scott White.
Layout by David Dolger Schwartz for Fast Atmosphere
Thanks Paul and Jill!
©+p. axbox (BMI) 2014