Colossal Small

GREG MOORE – vocals, guitar
THOM MOORE – vocals, guitar
JON ERICKSON – bass, piano, organ
ANDREW BORGER – drums, percussion, vibraphone

2001© Axbox/Tonsil Love Songs
Piano and backing vocals by Etienne De Rocher on “Anabaptist” “Moleslica” and “We’re 25” respectively.
Recorded, mixed and produced by Jon Erickson at Casa De Eva, Berkeley, CA
“Calligraphy Mouth” produced by Etienne De Rocher

(Amazing Grease Records 2001)

Colossal Small may have been mastered by Robert Schneider of Apples in Stereo, but don’t expect the Moore Brothers to sound too much like an entry in the Elephant 6 collective. Like Of Montreal or Olivia Tremor Control, the duo does share a knack for curious lyrics and harmonies (“What was my name Mr. Owl?/I’ll be stretched and maybe smile in your very fine home in the forest” they sing on the title track). Without an assortment of instruments (save for the occasional organ or vibraphone), its sparse arrangements lie closer to folk-pop or Merseybeat. “Moleslica” takes a slight detour with a piano-lead ballad, ringing like a somber Ben Folds. The Moore Brothers finally bring in full percussion and electric guitar for “The Outsiders,” squeezing out a small drop of psychedelia for their small, yet colossal tunes. — Kenyon Hopkin, All Music Guide